Design Process

There are simple, straight-forward projects and more intricate, complex projects. To install a standard paver driveway without changing the dimensions, we can typically start off from a simple sketch with notes. For expanding square footage, creating different levels, adding landscaping or installing an outdoor kitchen, we would rather envision the entire project and make any changes before we break ground. Our landscape design process makes it possible.

For the small cost, the majority of our clients agree our landscape design process is the best way to understand the project precisely as it’s proposed. Plus, you get to keep the plans and when you book the job the cost is deducted from the project. This proposal is not only written but also visual with exact dimensions. In landscape design, the details make the difference.

Rather than create a typical architectural plan, we go another step further to present the project in a 3D video. Imagine walking through your own completed project! The 3D video illustrates the entire scope of work for a complete understanding of the process, including the end result. Our clients love this part of the design process - and we’re confident you will, too.

The Consultation

The design process begins with a complimentary on-site consultation. Here, we review a copy of your survey to explore the property lines, dry wells, setbacks, right of ways and other key design elements. We listen to all your wants and needs, take notes and show you a digital portfolio of successfully completed projects to get a feel for the design styles you like. Together, we explore options, sketch concepts and exchange ideas to guide your project in the right direction.

The Presentation

On the second visit, we present you with an architectural plan with all the dimensions and features of your project, including a high resolution 3D video showcasing amazing details and life-like animations to bring the reality of the design to life. We’re proud to put the power of precision technology behind your project to eliminate headaches, job delays and unpleasant surprises.

The Proposal

Finally, we present a written proposal itemizing all the features and details of your project. We’re now one step closer to building your masterpiece.

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